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How to start a service in DocumentsCorePack ServerBased (on premise)?

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In Order to run a workflow- or dialog-Process, it is necessary to set up a new DocumentsCorePack (DCP) service to start the document generation process. This article outlines how to start a service in DocumentsCorePack ServerBased (DCP SB).

Step-by-step instructions on how to start a service in DCP SB

1) Open the Service Management for DocumentsCorePack in the Windows Start menu with a double click on Service Management – DocumentsCorePack for MS CRM.

Figure 1: Look for ServiceManagement in the Start-menu 

2) Once opened, create a new service. To do so, click on New service setup. In the General-tab at the right side, insert a ServiceName and click on the [Verify]-button.  
Please note: Once set, the ServiceName cannot be changed anymore! Click on the [Save service configuration]-button in order to proceed. 
Figure 2: Insert a service name in the General-tab

As soon as you have generated a ServiceName (see for example Figure 3: crmtest), a few more tabs to modify your newly created service appear. Depending on which service you would like to start, you can modify your service. Please find an example on how to modify a printing service here.
Figure 3: Example for service setup

3) Now switch to the CRM Connection Setup-tab, select your CRM type, type in the CRM Server-URL and click on the [Retrieve all Organizations]-tab. Select the appropriate organization and click on the [OK]-button.

Figure 4: CRM Connection Setup dialog filled (example)

4) The following window appears. Click on the [OK]-button to confirm your setup.

Figure 5: Confirm your setup

Should the following box appear, simply click on the [OK]-button.

Figure 6: Possible issue with CRM connection

5) Finally, click on the [Start Service]-button. The service can now be found in the Active Services section of the DocumentsCorePack Service overview.
Figure 7: Start the service

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