13. September 2016 15:18

CRM 2016 Online Connection Issue in US-datacenters: 13th September 2016

Filed Under(CRM 2015/2016) By Michael Dohr

Since today, 13th of September 2016, we are experiencing issues connecting to CRM Online instances located in datacenters in the United states. CRM Online customers in European, Asian Australian datacenters are not affected as of now.

NOTE: This is not mscrm-addons.com issue. Every 3rd party-solution using CRM SDK version lower than v 8.1 is affected.

This happened very unexpectedly and we are working hard to find a fix for this asap. A Workaround is currently deployed to the US instances. 

UPDTATE: Microsfot fixed the issue and everything was back to normal around Noon eastern time. 

We are very sorry for this service interruption!

Best, mscrm-addons.com Support Team


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