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How to uninstall PowerSearch (Silverlight)

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Since PowerSearch (Silverlight) 2015.102 is the last version of its kind, many users switch to the new version of PowerSearch. Though this does not require the deinstallation of PowerSearch (Silverlight), some users might wish to do so anyway.

However, it is very easy to uninstall PowerSearch (Silverlight), even if PowerSearch is already installed. Please follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how it works. 

Step 1: Open the solution overview

To uninstall PowerSearch (Silverlight) open the Settings in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, then click on Solutions

Figure 1: SettingsSolutions123
Figure 2: Open the solutions overview

This action opens the Solution Overview.  
Figure 3: Solution overview

Step 2: Look for PowerSearch

Once you have entered the Solution Overview, look for *PowerSearch in the Search field on the top. As you can see in Figure 3, there are 6 solutions alltogether that contain the item PowerSearch.  
Figure 4: Look for *PowerSearch

3 of these solutions belong to PowerSearch Silverlight, while 3 belong to the later version of PowerSearch. 

The solutions that belong to the new version of PowerSearch are very easy to recognize, because the word Plugin is always part of the solution. 

So all you have to do now is to delete the solutions that DO NOT contain the word Plugin.

Step 3: Delete the PowerSearch (Silverlight) solutions

To do so, simply check one of the solutions, then click on the [Delete]-button. 

Please note: You can only delete one solution after the other. 
It is of upmost importance to delete the solutions in the following order:

1. PowerSearchConfig
2. PowerSearchCore
3. PowerSearchGlobalTab

Figure 5: Delete solutions

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