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Welcome Microsoft AppSource with us!

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With AppSource, Microsoft introduces an innovative marketplace featuring intuitive design!
… and we are proud to be "on-board" from the very start!

Figure 1: Microsoft AppSource start page

Microsoft's innovative tool offers prospective, as well as long-standing customers the opportunity to start trial versions of our addons. Benefit from the Software-as-a-Service-offer and start right now! 

Microsoft AppSource is delivered with an highly intuitive surface.
Microsoft AppSourceFigure 2: Microsoft AppSource surface

You can refine your search using well-thought categories, industries or simply by selecting the Microsoft product that is currently facilitating your business life.

Figure 3: Microsoft AppSource search refinements

Once you have found an app that fits your requirements, simply click on it…

Figure 4: Microsoft AppSource button (example)

…in order to gain valuable information on the solution, free trial versions, videos, and lots of more details on the products! 
Figure 5: Microsoft AppSource detailed information (example)All in all, we can only say: YES! Microsoft did it again! They managed to produce a highly intuitive, yet practicable solution that allows customers, as well as prospective customers, to get an intriguing peek into products and solutions that facilitate the handling of Microsoft solutions!

For more information on AppSource, click here and give it a try!

Or join our free webinar on how to get started on AppSource!
For detailed information & registration click here.

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