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How to install your license key

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Thank you for using our mscrm-addon!

The following overview was created to support you when it comes to the installation of a new license key. 


There are many reasons why a license key has to be installed, but there are only three main possibilities how to install your license key. They depend on the addon you would like to install:

Option 1 – Install the license key via the On Premise License Manager

Option 2 – Install the license key via the Web License Manager

Option 3 – Our support team installs the license key for you.

The following table contains all our products and license key installation options.
Please click on the x that matches your product. You will be provided with further information on how to install the license key properly.


Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
DocumentsCorePack Server Based x    
            - On Premise/IFD x    
            - Online     x
DocumentsCorePack Client x    
AttachmentExtractor x    
ActivityTools   x  
TelephoneIntegration x    
GroupCalendar x    
             - Online (Subscription)     x
SmartBar x    
PowerSearch   x  
PowerSearch (Silverlight) x    

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