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Requirements for a new license

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To facilitate and to speed up the issuing process of a new license, we kindly ask you to
send us a short e-Mail including answers to the following questions.

Which product do you need the license for?

- DocumentsCorePack Client Based
- DocumentsCorePack Server Based
- TelephoneIntegration
- AttachmentExtractor
- GroupCalendar
- ActivityTools
- PowerSearch
- SmartBar

Which CRM version do you use at the moment?

- CRM 2011
- CRM 2013
- CRM 2015
- CRM 2016

What kind of CRM do you use?

- CRM Online
- CRM OnPremise
- CRM with ADFS Authentication (IFD)

How many active CRM users are there in your company?

What is the unique organization name of your CRM Organization?
(If you need more information on the unique organization name, please click here)

Additionally, we provide a license requirements form in order to facilitate the response. 
Please find the form here:
mscrm-addons.com_license_requirements.docx (41.26 kb)

That’s it! We appreciate your feedback! Please share your thoughts by sending an email to support@mscrm-addons.com.

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