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Insert a static document subtemplate

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The insert as static document button is a very useful functionality if it comes to creating templates in DocumentsCorePack Template Designer. Its functionalitites can be expanded to insert not only static documents, but also subtemplates. In the course of this article,
you will learn how to do so.

First of all, you need to open two templates, but you could also create two totally new ones.
Learn which fields can be added to a template here.

However, you need one for your main entity and one for your subentity. They are the base for all further actions.


Step by Step description on how to create a sub template to a static document

Step 1: 
Create the template for your main entity and the subentity.
(In our example, the main template is based on the entity Account and the subtemplate is based on the entity Contact.) 

Step 2:
Build up a relationship between the entity of the sub template and the main template. To do so, open the DocumentsCorePack Template Designer with a click on 
the [Insert MailMerge Fields]-button, switch to the Additional tab and click on Add Relationship/Entity. There, select All contacts.     


Figure 1: DocumentsCorePack Template Designer

Step 3:
Now navigate to the Insert Button > Insert Static Item > Static Document within the Template Designer. The following dialog will pop up:


Figure 2: Static document properties

Within the Static Document-dialog,

- Select the GUID field of the related record.
  (in our example, this is Contact ID
- Check the checkbox next to Provide the selected field as Parameter in order to enable  
  the subtemplate to be merged with the GUID.
- Click on the [Select Document]-button in order to select the static document you would like to insert
- Click on the [OK]-button in order to proceed. 

If you go back to your main template, you will note that the following field has been added to it:


Figure 3: Main template - additional field

Congratulations! You have created your very first static subtemplate!
Our result looks like this in the merged template:


Figure 4: Result

That’s it! 
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