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DocuSign for DocumentsCorePack

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How does DocuSign work?

DocuSign is another tool that simplifies the world of e-signatures. It empowers you to electronically sign documents.

We are happy to announce that we offer the possibility to use DocuSign within DocumentsCorePack. Benefit from this combination and take the usability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to a whole new level.


How to install DocuSign for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Step 1: Create a DocuSign enterprise account.
Step 2: Install DocuSign_DynamicsCRM (at least Version
Step 3: Setup DocuSign in CRM

Please follow the link below for detailed information provided by DocuSign:

Please note: DocuSign for CRM only supports Microsoft Dynamics CRM ONLINE
(OnPremise may work - but it is not supported by DocuSign!)

How to set up/add users in DocuSign
Please note: Each Microsoft Dynamics CRM user who wants to use DocuSign must be also set as user in DocuSign.

Step 1:
Log-in to your DocuSign account, go to Admin, and select Users.

Figure 1: Login to DocuSign account

Step 2:
Press on the [+Add user]-button. This particular user gets an eMail to activate his account and to enter a password.
The status of your new user is Pending (until he has registered properly).   

But if you now open the user in CRM there will be no record found:

Figure 2: CRM main ribbon

Figure 2: No record found in CRM
This is why:

DocuSign will search for a maching DocuSign Account with the CRM-User (email). Only if it is found, DocuSign will add the record. So the user should open a contact or an account and then hit Go to DocuSign.

Figure 3: Go To DocuSign

Step 3:
Provided that everything went fine, DocuSign recognizes the new user, the DocuSign Welcome-Screen appears and your DocuSign users' record appears in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 
Figure 4: DocuSign

Figure 5: DocuSign user record found in CRM

Congratulation! You have just added your first DocuSign user!  Smile 

Still curious? Find out how to send DocuSign-Documents on behalf of different users here!

That’s it! We appreciate your feedback! Please share your thoughts by sending an email to support@mscrm-addons.com.

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