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How to send DocuSign-documents on behalf of different users

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DocuSign provides a setting that is called Send On Behalf Of Right. This setting allows all users (and not only the Master-DocuSign user) to send DocuSign documents on behalf of themselves.

Please note: If more users than the Master-DocuSign user should be allowed to send documents, you have to set the Send on Behalf Of-Rights once.   

Step 1:

Make sure to login to Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the user who is defined as the Master-DocuSign-Account-user, open an account and click on the [Go To DocuSign]-button.

Switch to preferences and select permissions in the member options-menu:

Figure 1: DocuSign - open permissions

Step 2:

Make sure that Send On Behalf Of Rights (API) is checked:

Figure 2: DocuSign - check send on behalf of rights (API)

As soon as this setting is checked, all users can send DocuSign-Documents on behalf of themselves. 

Congratulation! You have just discovered a new setting!  Smile 

Still curious? Find out how to create a DCP-Template for DocuSign here.

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