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Custom Parameters for ActivityTools

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This article describes how to define custom parameters for embedded ActivityTools pages (For example to pre-filter activity types).


When embedding ActivityTools in a CRM form, you have the possibility to insert custom parameters in Custom Parameter (data):

Figure 1: Web Resource Properties


The defined parameters only effect the current ActivityTools page.

The structure is:  [name of key]:[value of key];[name of next key]….. (e.g. “activitytypes:phonecall,email;lockactivitytype:true”)

The following keys can be used:



Define one or more activity type names separated by ”,”. Only activities of these types will be shown, when ActivityTools has loaded (e.g. activitytypes:email,phonecall).

Please Note: If the configured activity types does not result any activity records, users won’t be able to change the types within the Activitytools page!



Give it the value true if the activity type filter should not be changeable (lockactivitytype:true).


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