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Template Settings (CRM 2015)

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Template settings are additional capabilities that can be defined in your DocumentsCorePack templates.
The purpose of most of the settings is to improve the automation in the document generation process.

The template settings window consists of a menu area (1) and the actual settings area (2).

Figure 1: Template Settings

Below you can find a complete list of all available template settings with a short description. Some elements have a more detailed description attached as link.

  • Document Name and Subject
    The document name allows you to specify a final filename for the generate document. Also, the subject can be set for further DocumentsCorePack Client based operations.
    Document Name and Subject
  • General
    A list of general settings. In this section you also can mark your template as a so called Label Template with special behavior.
  • Create Activities For
    This section is used to predefine settings for DocumentsCorePack Client based operations. It affects the Regarding and Recipient fields for CRM activities created with the DocumentsCorePack Client.
  • Document Protection
    You can provide a password to your generated Word document. Also for the DocumentsCorePack Server based document generation you can set a password for your PDF and enhance the security of your PDF.
  • Sub Folder
    Let your template automatically create a subfolder in the default location of your documents to structure your documents.
  • Client Automation
    Set certain options to improve the speed of work by setting default options for certain DocumentsCorePack Client based operations.
  • Email(Create CRM Activity)
    These settings are only intended for the DocumentsCorePack Client based operations. It only takes affect when the [Create CRM Activity]-button of the Client is used and does not work with the Send as …-option.
  • Additional Fields
    This area contains fields that are not directly inserted into the template. You do not have to worry about the settings, because all out of the box functionalities populate the necessary fields automatically.

    Sharepoint Metadata
  • If you are using the standard CRM SharePoint integration you can define metadata fields and values in your template. As soon as the generated document is saved, also the metadata is populated to CRM.
    Sharepoint Metadata
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