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How to test a DocumentsCorePack template (CRM 2015)

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You have created or modified a new template and now you would like to give
it a try. You can test your template with DocumentsCorePack Client.

Make sure that you have opened your template in Word. If the template
has not been openedin Word or if the template is not a DocumentsCorePack
template, the following steps will most likely not work.

  1. Hit the [Choose CRM Data]-button
    A search dialog in which you can select a test record will open up.

    Figure 1: The [Choose CRM Data]-button
  2. Select a record
    Enter a search term and click on the [Search]-button (1).
    Select one of the records form the result windows (2)
    and hit the [Select]-button (3).

    Your template will be merged and the CRM data will be populated.

    Figure 2: Look for CRM data
  3. Check your created document
    Now check your template and verify if your modifications and your
    design are as expected.

    Please note: Some special settings may not take effect at this point!
    To ensure that everything works properly, please use your template in 
    the usual working process. 

    That’s it! We appreciate your feedback! Please share your thoughts by sending an email to support@mscrm-addons.com.


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