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DocumentsCorePack Property Syntax (CRM 2015)

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Certain properties of DocumentsCorePack templates consist of fixed text
and CRM fields. There are also some additional function calls available and data
from CRM can also be manipulated.

Several DocumentsCorePack properties support the same syntax. A list of these
properties can be found at the end of this article. This article covers the basic syntax and the advanced options that can be used

  1. The basic syntax:
    Fields from CRM are enclosed by << and >> when you insert them from the tree view.

    Figure 1: Fields

    Fixed text must be typed manually into the text field and must be enclosed by single quotes (' ).

    Figure 2: String
    To combine several CRM fields and fixed text you have to use the plus sign (+). 

    Figure 3: Plus
  2. The advanced syntax:
    Function calls can be applied to CRM fields by using a . (dot) and the actual function call.
    There are also standalone method calls supported. The function call must end with brackets.
    Certain functions may also support parameters or have mandatory parameters. 
    Figure 4: Function pos with parameters 2 and 5

    Figure 5: Standalone function DATETIME without parameters

The following table contains a list with all available functions that can be applied to CRM fields.
For all examples bellow please assume the <<name>> field will be MSCRM-addons.com after the merge.





will insert y signs from the xth

Result: "CRM-a"


will insert the first x – signs.
E.g.: <<name>>.left(5)

Result: "MSCRM"


will insert the last x signs of the string. E.g.: <<name>>.right(3)

Result: "com"


displays all values in the field in capital letters.



displays all values in the field in small letters.

Result: "mscrm-addons.com"


displays the first letter in the field before as capital letter.

Result: "Mscrm-addons.com"


displays the first letter in a
sentence in capital letter



reverses every case

Result: "mscrm-ADDONS.COM"

The following table contains a list with all available functions that can be applied to CRM fields





generates a unique serial



inserts the actual and local date
and time

06.12.2013 16:06


there are many different
formatting options for displaying
the culture name for different
countries For more information
please click here.


mm:ss, de-DE)

For more information about the
different cultures which can be
displayed, please click here.

06.Dezember.13 16:06

This syntax applies to the following properties and special fields:

Template Properties 

  • Document Name and Subject
  • Sub Folder
  • Sharepoint Metadata

Special Document Fields

  • Calculated Fields
  • Advanced String
  • Hyperlink field
  • QR Code

That’s it! We appreciate your feedback! Please share your thoughts by sending an email to support@mscrm-addons.com.


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