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The [Insert Field]-button (CRM 2015)

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This article outlines the functionalities of the [Insert field]-button. 

The button itself inserts a selected field directly into your document.
The Drop-down-menu (1) allows you to insert special field types to your template.

Figure 1: The Insert Field button 

The link list below directs you to articles that describe the different functionalities.

  1. Root elements 
    - Insert as Picture-Field
    - Insert as Picture-Link-Field
    - Insert as Document
    - Insert as HTML

    Figure 2: Root elements
  2. Insert Static items 
    - Insert Static Document
    - Insert PageBreak
    - Insert Remove Empty Lines
    - Insert Join Tables

    Figure 3: Static items
  3. Insert Computed items 
    - Insert QR-Code
    - Insert Advanced String
    - Insert Calculated Field
    - Insert Hyperlink

    Figure 4: Computed items
  4. Insert DocuSign items 
    Follow this link to get further information about our DocuSign integration
    and how to us it:

    Figure 5: DocuSign items

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