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Sharepoint Metadata (CRM 2015)

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The latest version of DocumentsCorePack Server Based supports the population of
metadata into SharePoint. Prerequisites for this feature to work are Client Version 7.31,
Server Version 2015. Proper configuration of CRM and DocumentsCorePack
for the CRM Integrate Sharepoint is needed as well.

The below screenshot shows a property that was created by DocumentsCorePack
with data from CRM (1).

Figure 1: Example of Sharepoint Metadata
If you are not sure how to access the template settings to set the
SharePoint metadata, please have a look at this article first.


  1. Access the SharePoint Metadata section 

    Figure 2: SharePoint Metadata section
  2. Add, edit or delete a property
    - To add a property use the [Add]-button (1)
    - To edit a property select an element (4) and hit the [Edit]-button (2)
    - To delete a property select an element (4) and hit the [Delete]-button (3)

    Figure 3: Add/Edit/Delete a property
  3. Create a new property
    After you have selected Add/Edit the SharePoint Metadata Field Settings
    window will pop up.
    You have to manually type the name of the SharePoint property. (1)
    How to create, change or delete custom properties on the Sharepoint is
    described in this external blog by Microsoft.
    The value for the property can be composed form CRM fields and fixed text.
    More details about the supported syntax for this field can be found here.

    Figure 4: SharePoint Metadata
  4. Save your template 
    Before you can use or test your template you have to save it.
    Either you save your template locally with the standard Save or Save as
    functionality of Word, or you use the Save template-option of the
    DocumentsCorePack client in order to publish the template to CRM
  5. Test your template [optional]
    As you have made changes to your template you might want to test it quickly. A step by step description of how to test your template can be found here.
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