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Computed Field (CRM 2015)

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The Computed Field property allows you to evaluate calculations of data from CRM.
The following step by step description will show you how to set this field in the
DocumentsCorePack Client for your template.


The example below shows an evaluated calculation based on CRM field in a template (1). 

Figure 1: Example of evaluated calculation

The following description applies to CRM 2015 and version 7.31 of the
DocumentsCorePack Client or higher. If you are not sure how to get to the insert fields option
please take a look at this article first.

  1. Use the Calculated Field document option 

    Figure 2: Insert Calculated Field
  2. Create your calculation
    The syntax for this field supports the basic arithmetic operations.
    / -    divide
    * -   multiply
    +     summate
    -      substract

    Other than the the usual DCP syntax, numeric values are added
    without single quotes:

    Figure 3: Numeric values added without single quotes

  3. Save your template
    Before you can use or test your template you have to save it.
    Either you save your template locally with the standard Save or Save as
    functionality of Word, or you use the Save template-option of the
    DocumentsCorePack client in order to publish the template to CRM.
  4. Test your template [optional]
    As you have made changes to your template you might want to test them quickly.
    A step by step description of how to test your template can be found here.

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