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HowTo: Use DocuSign with DocumentsCorePack for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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See how DocumentsCorePack enables your users to generate documents and trigger a DocuSign process straight out of CRM.

Example: NDA to be sent & signed to an account and afterwards counter-signed by the owner of the account.


Video Agenda:
1) Defining DocuSign-items within the MS Word template
2) Defining eSignature-recipients (signee 1- the customer; Signee 2 – counter-signee)
3) Step-by-Step tour through the eSignature process.

Using DocuSign with DocumentsCorePack for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Technical Requirements:
- DocumentsCorePack Client v 7.24 or higher
- DocumentsCorePack ServerBased v 2015.43 or higher (NOTE: Online services will be updated by mscrm-addons.com)


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