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How to get the right TAPI driver

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The TAPI driver is a component beyond our control, as it is provided by the phone vendor and, similar to a device driver, the TAPI driver connects a physical phone device with a windows operating system.


Figure 1: The TAPI connection

The TAPI driver is required to be setup and working, as we do not have knowledge about the devices and the drivers to support those.

Please note: Please consult your TAPI driver supplier for setting up and configuring the TAPI driver correctly. We cannot support phone systems TAPI drivers, only phone system vendor can do that, as they programmed them.

Experience has shown, that several TAPI drivers require local administrator rights to be functional.

Always, as a first level of proof, make sure, the windows dialer (dialer.exe on the command line) is able to properly see and access the existing phone system line.

As long as the driver is not visible to the windows dialer, the TelephoneIntegration Client will not be able to interact with it as well.

If your TAPI line will work with our Telephone Integration Client, you can also test with the ATAPI Tester tool. Initialize the TAPI line, dial out and in and send us the data to verify the compatibility.

ATAPI Tester.zip (1.10 mb) 

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