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How to extend the Click2Dial-functionality for TelephoneIntegration?

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This article explains how to enable the Click2Dial-functionality of TelephoneIntegration (TI) for CRM 2013/2015 without using the CallNumber button in the ribbon. 

This feature allows you to start an outgoing call through hitting directly on a telephone number in the CRM form via the TI Client. CRM already has a builtin Click2Dial feature, but its use is limited only to Skype or Lync client. 

Instead of calling via the default Skype or Lync client, we can alter it so that the call is triggerred over our TI Client/default communication plugin.

Figure 1: Extended Click2Dial functionality (example)


How to extend the Click2Dial functionality for TI?

To enable the functionality, open CRM > Settings > Customizations > Customize the System.

In the next window select Web Resources in the tree-view and click on the [New]-button. 

Figure 2: Web Resources Window in CRM

2) Use the next window to create a new webresource. The name does not really matter. Here, we use new_ PTMTIReplaceCallHandler. The important settings are the Type and the Script.

3) Next, downloard the below file, unzip it and upload the script. 

PTMTIReplaceCallHandler.zip (718.00 bytes)

4) Once done so, click on the [Save]-button and afterwards on the [Publish]-button.

Figure 3: Create new webresource

5) Next, open a CRM record for which you want to enable this feature. (here: Contact) Here, open the Form-Editor.

Figure 4: Open form-editor in the entity Contact 

6) Now click on the [Form Properties]-button. 

Figure 5: Open the Form Properties - dialog 

7) In the Form Properties-dialog, the before created webresource must be selected. Click on the upper [+Add]-button (in the Form Libraries - section) and a Look-up record-window will pop up.
After the webresource has been selected, click on the [Add]-button in the Look-up record-window.

Figure 6: Form Properties-dialog (background) and Look-up record-window

8) Back in the Form Properties-dialog, we must define the Start-function of the script. To do so, click on the lower [+Add]-button (in the Event Handlers-section). Now select the webresource and type in the function name (here PTM_TIStartReplaceCallHandler). Click on the [OK]-button. 

Figure 7: Handler Properties 

9) Finally, the Form Properties-dialog will look like this:

Figure 8: Customized Form Properties-dialog 

10) To complete the configuration, click on the [OK]-button. Then click on the [Save]-button and afterwards on the [Publish]-button in the form editor. 

Figure 9: Save and Publish

After reloading Contact in CRM (press F5), the Click2ToDial-functionallity will be enabled.

Please note: If you want to enable this feature on additional forms, you simply have to select the corresponding web resource and define the corresponding start-function.

That’s it! We appreciate your feedback! Please share your thoughts by sending an email to support@mscrm-addons.com.

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