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How to add GroupCalendar to a specific ribbon location?

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This blog article explains how to add GroupCalendar to a specific ribbon location with XRM Tools.

Requirements: GroupCalendar for MS CRM


Please note: Make sure that you run the XRM Tools as administrator!

1) Connect with your CRM-system. 

Figure 1: CRM-connection window.

2) Select the SiteMap Editor 

Figure 2: Select SiteMap Editor

3) Now, click on the [Load Sitemap]-button in order to load your current CRM Sitemap. 

Figure 3: Load SiteMap

4) In the next window, select the location where you want to store GroupCalendar in your CRM ribbon. 

Figure 4: ToolBox-window

5) Next, select the ptm-WebApplicationPreloaderGroupCalendar webresource.

Figure 5: Select webresource

Once selected, please add the titles shown in figure 6, 7 and 8.

Figure 6: Add titles 

Figure 7: Add titles I

Figure 8: Add titles II

6) Now all you have to do is to click on the [SiteMap]-button and to refresh your Browser in order to see the changes in CRM.

Figure 9: Update your SiteMap

That’s it! We appreciate your feedback! Please share your thoughts by sending an email to support@mscrm-addons.com.

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