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How to group tables in DocumentsCorePack .docx templates

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This blog article outlines how to group tables in DocumentsCorePack (.docx) templates. The DocumentsCorePack Grouping functionality gives users the possibility to define an optical sorting and thus, a separation for specific fields.

Requirements: DocumentsCorePack for MS CRM 2011 or 2013



Figure 1: DocumentsCorePack (.docx) table, grouped by the same job title.

How to group tables for DocumentsCorePack templates properly

1) First of all, open MS Word and click to the www.mscrm-addons.com-tab. Click on the [InsertMailMerge Fields]-window in order to create your table with the DocumentsCorePack TaskPane. 
Answer the DocumentsCorePack Question dialog with a click on the [Yes]-button.  

Figure 2: Open the TaskPane

2) Now create your table by inserting the appropriate MailMerge fields. 

Figure 3: DocumentsCorePack table with inserted MailMerge fields

3) Next, select the field which you want to define the grouping for. We want to group our table for the row Job. To do so, simply select the field <<jobtitle>>


Figure 4: field selected for grouping 

4) Go to the www.mscrm-addons.com-tab at the top, click on the [Grouping]-button and select Mark Groupingfield

Figure 5: Add grouping for (.docx) templates

6) As you can see in the next screenshot, a header and a footer are inserted automatically.

Figure 6: Insert table header and footer

Once you have saved your template and merged it with CRM data, the table should look similar to the sample in Figure 7. 

Figure 7: Sample result for grouped table in .docx templates in DocumentsCorePack 

As you can see, all contacts with the same job title have been grouped in the same header and footer. 

That’s it! We appreciate your feedback! Please share your thoughts by sending an email to support@mscrm-addons.com.

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