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Field formatting options

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This article outlines different options to format fields inside a DocumentsCorePack or AutoMerge template. e.g.: Formatting date fields, format money-fields etc.

Requirements: DocumentsCorePack for MS CRM 2011 and 2013, AutoMerge for MS CRM 2011


HOW TO: the following list provides an overview on the different options to format fields

a)"Field properties" to simplify formatting, most common formats of date and money fields can be directly set by selecting the content control and choosing "Field properties from the mscrm-addons.com ribbon in MS Word. For detailed information on how to show the different custom date and time strings for displaying the DATETIME() function for DocumentsCorePack templates (.docx) please click here. For more information about the different cultures which can be displayed, please click here.

b) The “Insert Computed-Field”-Functionality allows to make basic arithmetical operations with CRM money and number fields. Get the details here.

c) Performing Calculations in a Mail Merge Field. For detailed information please follow this link.

d) General Formatting in MS Word: Word provides different options to format fields. The following article provides a very good overview on possibilities provided: http://www.gmayor.com/formatting_word_fields.htm

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