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How TelephoneIntegration Client works with Outlook Client

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This article outlines how TelephoneIntegration Client works with Outlook client. Available for TelephoneIntegration Client v5.54 and higher.


TelephoneIntegration can popup CRM forms also in Outlook client instead in Internet Explorer browser.

This feature is activated with a CRM server-side settingkey.
(For detailed information, please read more about "Using TelephoneIntegration for MS CRM 2013 for Outlook only: http://blogs.mscrm-addons.com/post/2014/01/27/Using-TelephoneIntegration

Using TelephoneIntegration for MS CRM 2011 for Outlook only: http://blogs.mscrmaddons.com/post/2013/04/03/Using-TelephoneIntegration

Please note, that TelephoneIntegration client is not accessing the Outlook client over any API, since Outlook does not provide suitable API interfaces.

It is simply opening the Outlook client process with a parameter that resembles a CRM entity URI.

For example, the following URI address represents a PhoneCall URL in an online CRM organisation


In the past the TI client opened the form in Internet Explorer by calling the iexplore.exe process with the URL address as parameter.

C:\Program Files\iexplore.exe URL

C:\Program Files\iexplore.exe


Instead of passing the URL to iexplore.exe process, we pass it now to outlook.exe process

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Microsoft Office 2013\outlook.exe URL

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Microsoft Office 2013\outlook.exe


You can verify this by simply starting Command Prompt window and starting the Outlook client with CRM URL record.


Customized CRM Ribbons might interfere with the way outlook opens CRM Related URLs via external calls (As we open the CTI windows). If you face troubles of that kind, please contact your Microsoft support, as the ribbon integration is beyond our control.

That’s it! We appreciate your feedback! Please share your thoughts by sending an email to support@mscrm-addons.com.


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