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How to remove leading digits that are not part of the phone number

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When calling over TAPI line, you sometimes need to predial a specific number to make an external call. In some cases, the TAPI driver is also passing this number to the TelephoneIntegration (TI) Client. If the TI Client Balloon then shows the PREDIAL NUMBER + REGULAR PHONE NUMBER instead of only the PHONE NUMBER. 


To solve this issue, you must set 2 CRM server-side setting keys.

Settingskey 1: removeLeadingCharacterOnNumber with a cached value to true

Settingskey 2: removeLeadingChars with a cached value 0

The removeLeadingChars value can vary from case to case. Usually, the outside access numbers vary between 0 (zero) and 9 (nine).

The removeLeadingChars setting allows to define a set of characters to be removed and this characters are separated with a semicolon.

(For example 96;9;6;0 means that if a number starts with 96 or 9 or 6 or 0. These numbers will be removed before the search for match in CRM).

Figure 1: MSCRM-addons.com Products TelephoneIntegration

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