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How to change the default pinned/unpinned status of the GroupCalendar side pane

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The GroupCalendar side pane (which holds the view settings etc.) is per default unpinned. With a manual user-based setting it is possible to change the default behavior so that the GroupCalendar is opened with a pinned side pane.


To do so, please open a advanced find.


Figure 1: Advanced Find

Select the entity MSCRM-ADDONS.com User/Temp Settings.


Figure 2: Select entity

Then click on Results. From there, you have the option New MSCRM-ADDONS.com User/Temp Settings.


Figure 3: Result

In this dialog, you can create a new user/temp setting. Please make sure that the NAME is OverviewPinned_[USERGUID].

[USERGUID] is the unique user ID of the CRM user for which you are configuring this setting. The GUID must entered without the brackets, i.e. OverviewPinned_0a19dcc6-b470-e011-b77f-00155dc8ae09

The VALUE could be either true (for pinned) or false (for unpinned). 


Figure 4: Set value for user/temp setting

Hereafter, please restart all browser windows to clear the session cache.

That’s it! We appreciate your feedback! Please share your thoughts by sending an email to support@mscrm-addons.com.


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