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Issues with the automatic generation of folder locations in CRM Online and SharePoint Online

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If you you experience issues with the automatic generation of SharePoint Online folder locations for the CRM integrated Sharepoint solution,
this article provides you with a solution. (For both, DocumentsCorePack and Automerge, the steps are the same.)
Please note: These steps are only necessary, if you have performed an upgrade of DocumentsCorePack or Automerge previously
and now, the automatic folder creation does not work for one of these addons any longer for CRM SharerPoint Online.


Please note: At least version 5.84 of DocumentsCorePack Client, or version 5.32 of Automerge has to be installed!
1) Modify the following SettingsKey for the specific product manually and set its value to no.
If it does not exist please try to create it.

Name: SPWebserviceUrl
Value: no

Figure 1: Modify Settingskey

How to create a SettingsKey manually is described here (Steps 1-4).

If you create a SettingsKey for DocumentsCorePack please restart the DocumentsCorePack datatprovider afterwards!
Otherwise the change will not take effect!

If you experience the problem with AutoMerge, please make sure that you have entered a SPS User and the
SPS password in the AutoMerge Config. The AutoMerge Config opens if you open the MSCRM-ADDONS.com AutoMerge Server Core-solution. 

Figure 2: SPS user and SPS password

That’s it! We appreciate your feedback! Please share your thoughts by sending an email to support@mscrm-addons.com.


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