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How to enable/disable DFR (Dialing from relationships) by dialing from CRM site

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This blog article outlines how to enable/disable Dialing from relationships (DFR) by dialing from CRM site.

Usually, TelephoneIntegration (TI) allows users to dial from related CRM-records. Say, they have the possibility to select from a list of records related to the initially opened one when dialing out from CRM (e.g. from related leads, contacts, etc).


There are two options to enable or disable this feature on CRM: Server-side or Client-side.

  • Server-side means, that all the TelephoneIntegrationServer-users could be enabled or disabled.
    If server-side is disabled, no single server-user could enable his TI client.
  • Client-side means, that only a certain TelephoneIntegration user could enable or disable his own TI client.

How to enable/disable DFR (Server-side): 

Create a Settingskey for UseDFR. For more information on how to create a SettingsKey manually in MS Dynamics CRM 2011, click here.

  • If you set this setting to false, all the TelephoneIntegration server-users would be disabled.
  • If you set this setting on true, all the TelephoneIntegration server users are enabled.

Please note: Server-side settings are overruling the client-side settings. Client and Server settings use the same key name: UseDFR


Figure 1: DFR Server Settings

How to enable/disable DFR (Client-side)

Open your TI Client. Now create a new string. Name the string UseDFR, then double-click on it. Afterwards, you have the chance to enable or disable the DFR by setting the string on true or false.

  • If you set this setting on false, you will not be able to use DFR.
  • If you set this setting on true, you will be able to use DFR.


Figure 2: DFR Client Settings

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