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TIMELINE- chronological listing for appointments and service activities in GroupCalendar

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This article explains the capabilities of GroupCalendar's TIMELINE which is available for the versions v.5.52 and higher (click here to download the latest GroupCalendar (GC) version). This feature gives you a quick and easy overview of all scheduled appointments/activities seperatet by selected users.


 Screenshot at a look listed chronologically.Figure 1: Quick and easy overview of TIMELINE.

Screenshot timeline_multiple row and hovering 

Figure 2: Overview of multiple row and detailed information about an appointment etc.when hovering over them.

The difference between the TIMELINE view and the GANNT view is, that in TIMELINE, you have an detailed overview of all your appointments. Say, you can see users appointments listed vertically and chronologically, even when two appointments are scheduled at the same time.

In the GANNT view, you have to click the plus-sign to see all appointments with the same date and time.

In the TIMELINE view, all appointments and activities are displayed with the same width/size, independent from their duration. This is different in the GANTT view. Here, all appointments, activities are displayed independent of their duration, meaning that longer appointments, activities are displayed with a longer bar and shorter with shorter ones.

Screenshot timeline_diff.2ganntview
Figure 3: GANNT view overview and detailed information about the difference between GANNT and TIMELINE view.

TIMELINE supports multiple row as well. You can see more information of an appointment, activity etc. at a glance. Additionally, you have the possibility to see all details of appointments, activities, etc. in tooltips when hovering over them.
Furthermore, you can copy appointments by right-clicking on them.

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