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How to use TelephoneIntegration for MS CRM 2011 with MS Outlook only

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If you want to use TelephoneIntegration without a browser, but with Outlook only, you have to install TelephoneIntegration Client v.5.54 or higher (click here to download the latest version) and to create a new settingskey. Please follow the below steps to do so.


1. Open your CRM in the Internet Explorer

2. Navigate to the CRM Settings

CRM settings
Figure 1: CRM Settings in the CRM sitemap

3. Select MSCRM-ADDONS.com Products from the Extensions in the menu on the left.

MSCRM-ADDONS.com Products
Figure 2: MSCRM-ADDONS.com Products in the CRM Settings

4. Click on the checkbox (1) in front of TelephoneIntegration and then click on the [Edit]-button (2).

TelephoneIntegration in CRM settings
Figure 3: Edit TelephoneIntegration in the CRM Settings

5. A new CRM window will open. Within this window, click on MSCRM-ADDONS.com Settingskeys (1) and then, click on Add New MSCRM-ADDONS.com Settingskeys (2).

TI Settingskeys
Figure 4: View and add settingskeys for TelephoneIntegration in the CRM settings

6. Again, a new window will open. Within this window, insert the name UseOutlookOnly and as KeyValue, insert true. Furthermore, set IsCached to yes

create settingskey
Figure 5: Type in the name and key-value of new settingskey

After that, you have to restart the TelephoneIntegration Client. From now on, TelephoneIntegration will open all windows in Outlook without using a browser.

That’s it! We appreciate your feedback! Please share your thoughts by sending an email to support@mscrm-addons.com.


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