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GroupCalendar for CRM Online & Internet Explorer 10

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There is another small update of the MSCRMADDONScomGeneral Solution which fixes a issue with Internet Explorer (IE) 10 when running in compatibility mode. When you're not using IE 10 yet it is not critical when you do not import the updated solution. But we still recommend to update the solution to be prepared for IE 10.


How to import the solution to your CRM system

To import the solution to your CRM system you need to download the following file:

After you have downloaded the file, please open your CRM system, go to Settings, click on Solutions and on Import.

Figure 1: CRM Settings > Solutions

A dialog will open. Please select the downloaded MSCRMADDONScomGeneral.zip file and click on the [Next]-button.

Figure 2: Solution Import Dialog

Continue with a click on the [Next]-button in the following dialog.

Figure 3: Solution Information

Hereafter, please select Overwrite Customizations and Activate any processes.

Figure 4: Import Options

It could take some minutes until the solution is imported. After the import has finished, you will receive an information and you can close the window.

Figure 5: Solution Import finished

After refreshing your CRM browser window, GroupCalendar will load embedded within your CRM system.


That’s it! We appreciate your feedback! Please share your thoughts by sending an email to support@mscrm-addons.com.


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