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RecordCounter - Plugin Registration Error

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If the error message Plugin registration error of PTM Plugins! appears after the installation of RecordCounter, it means that the plugin wasn’t updated successfully. To solve this problem, please follow the instructions of this article.


Figure 1: Error message

First, open your CRM > Settings > Solutions. Then press the [Import]-button.

Figure 2: Press the [Import]-button


The following dialog appears. Use it to reimport the MSCRMADDONScomGeneral.zip-solution. The file can be found in the installation folder of the RecordCounter Server Config in the subfolder Essentials. After you’ve selected the solution hit the [Next]-button.

Figure 3: Select Solution Package - dialog

Please keep in mind that the current version installed and the version contained in the update have to match. If this is not the case, it seems that you’ve installed a further add-on which includes a newer version of MSCRMADDONScomGeneral.zip. Do not install this version if these do not match. Instead, look into the Essentials-folder of the other addon and search for the latest MSCRMADDONScomGeneral.zip (which matches with the current version installed) and select it.


In this example the versions match and we can continue. Press the [Next]-button in order to proceed. 

Figure 4: Solution Information

Now, the following below window (Figure 5) appears. Check Overwrite customizations and press the [Next]-button.

After the import, the error message will not appear anymore.

That’s it! We appreciate your feedback! Please share your thoughts by sending an email to support@mscrm-addons.com.

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