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How to create a SettingsKey manually in MS Dynamics CRM 2011

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Sometimes, you may be asked to create a new settingskey for one of our products. This article outlines how to do so. 


1. Open your CRM in the InternetExplorer.

2. Navigate to Settings in the CRM sitemap.

3. Within the settings, navigate to MSCRM-ADDONS.com Products in the Extensions-area of the sitemap. 

MSCRM-ADDONS.com Products
Figure 1: MSCRM-ADDONS.com Products in CRM settings

4. Activate the checkbox in front of the product (1) for which you need to create a new settingskey (in this example TelephoneIntegration) and click on the [Edit]-button.

TelephoneIntegration in CRM settings
Figure 2: View and edit MSCRM-ADDONS.com Products

5. A new window opens. Within this new window, navigate to the MSCRM-ADDONS.com settingskeys of the product in the menu on the left (1) and click on the [Add New MSCRM-ADDONS.com Settingskeys]-button (2).

TI Settingskeys
Figure 3: View/add settingskeys of/to a MSCRM-ADDONS.com product

6. A new window opens. In this window, you have to define the name of the settingskey in the Name-field and its value (true) in the KeyValue-field. Once you have created the new key do not forget to save your settings by clicking on the [Save and Close]-button.

Figure 4: Create a new settingskey for a MSCRM-ADDONS.com product

Please note: If the new key is intended for a Client application like DocumentsCorePack or TelephoneIntegration, you need to restart the Client application.
(Otherwise, the changes will not be applied to the client.)

That’s it! We appreciate your feedback! Please share your thoughts by sending an email to support@mscrm-addons.com.


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