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Feature-Outline: LookupDialog to pre-filter result rows

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We have created a function offering the possibility to use a dialog to pre-filter the result rows. This will be helpful when the user needs to select a specific related entity (e.g. contact, ...) before starting to generate the document.

This feature is available with version 5.26 upwards and only for DOCX-templates.


After the configuration steps described below, the users will get a "Look Up Record"-window (e.g. like the one in the screenshot below) when opening the DocX-template. In this window, they can select between one or more of the prefiltered records and afterwards start to generate the document. In the example shown in the following screenshot, users can select one or more contact(s) of an account. Afterwards, they are able to generate the documents with the selected contact(s).


Figure 1: Look UP Record-window (Contact)


How to set this up in the template:

First, you have to open the template and to click on on the [Insert MailMerge Fields]-button.

Figure 2: Insert MailMerge Fields in the www.mscrm-addons.com-tab

Go to the additional tab, select a relationship and click on the [Edit]-button.
This is the base for the filtering process.


Figure 3: Additional tab with [Edit]-button

Click on the [<<]-button to get to the advanced settings.


Figure 4: DocumentsCorePack Fields and Datasource dialog

In the Records to Show-section of the window you can choose if you want a selection and which type. [single (1)or multiple (2)]


Figure 5: DocumentsCorePack Fields and Datasource dialog/Records to Show-section

The column order-section enables you to determine the order and the width of the columns within this Lookup-window.   

That’s it! We appreciate your feedback! Please share your thoughts by sending an email to support@mscrm-addons.com.


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