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How to get the unique organization name for CRM 4.0 and CRM 2011 (RTM / RTW)

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When ordering licenses, you will be asked for the organisation unit name of your CRM system. This information is mandatory in order to create a license. Below, you can find a short description about how to get the necessary information for CRM 4.0 / CRM 2011.


CRM 4.0

The organisation unique-name can be found within the deployment manger of MS CRM.(Located on the Server where MS CRM has been installed)

Figure 1: SharePoint properties - window 


CRM 2011

For CRM 2011 On-Premise (RTM) as well as CRM 2011 Online (RTW),  the unique organization name can be found in Settings > Customizations > Developer Resources.

Figure 2: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Settings


Please note: For CRM 4 as well as CRM 2011, the Unique-name is required. Next to this, our key is case sensitive and will not work if the names don’t fit.


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