15. October 2010 11:22

Dashboard/Silverlight Initialization Error 2104

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Error message:
The dashboard does not open and you get the following JavaScript error in your browser:

Message: Unhandled Error in Silverlight x application
Code: 2104
Category: Initialize Error
Message: 2104 An error has occurred.


For some security reasons the Dashboard Installer does not get access to the ISS and we can’t add the required mime types for Silverlight. Please see the following link how to add the mime types in your IIS/Dashboard root.

Mime Types to add:

Extension     MIME type
.xap             application/x-silverlight-app
.xaml           application/xaml+xml
.xbap           application/x-ms-xbap


Please note: For dashboard map-charts you also need the following MIME types:

Extension     MIME type
.dbf              application/octet-stream
.shp             application/octet-stream

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