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Licensing details

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License-checks are done each time the application is accessed by a user.

Having an invalid license stops the whole product from working.

An invalid license will never have any impact on the CRM, it only limits the addon itself.


Reasons for an invalid license :

  • Wrong license OrganizationUnit
  • Usercount has exceeded the granted licenses (Stops whole product, not only for the excessive users on all license models)
  • Upgrading the product after having the support contract expired
  • In case of a time limited license (and a trial): Reached the end of the license lifetime.

Licensetype normal license (aka perSite license)

Requires a license for each active CRM user, no matter if he uses the product or not. If new CRM users are added, the license needs to be extended with more users as well.

Disabled, ReadOnly users and Administrative users do not require a license.

Licensetype perUser license

Requires only as many licenses as you actually want to have, but starts at a minimum of 10 licenses and is double the price of a site license.

The license is a named user license and the license is activated via a checkbox on the Systemuser entity for a specific user.

You may activate as many users for the access as you have licenses.

Exceeding the granted license count stops the product for all users.

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