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This function allows DocumentsCorePack users to add a document to every created activity (only when using the file explorer or sharepoint setup).

For example, when you send a mail to a marketing lists, an activity will be created for each member of the marketing list.

This extra setting will ensure that the activity also has the document attached in CRM.

This article will show you how to work with this function. 




Create a new Settingskey 

To do so,  you first have to open the CRM Settings. Then, click on the mscrm-addons settings.

Select DocumentsCorePack and open it.


Figure 1: Open DocumentsCorePack


Click on SettingsKey. To create a new SettingsKey, you have to click on New mscrm-addons key.


Figure 2: New mscrm-addons key


In the following window, you can set the mscrm-addons key settings. 

KeyName: Enter AttachDocumentToEachCreatedActivity. (Allows CRM to add the document to every created Activity in CRM [Bulkmail].)

KeyValue: Enter true (to activate) or false (to deactivate) the function.


Figure 3: mscrm-addons key settings


That’s it! We appreciate your feedback! Please share your thoughts by sending an email to support@mscrm-addons.com.


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