9. April 2010 12:08

Downgrade KDTele.ocx

Filed Under(CRM 4.0 | TelephoneIntegration 4) By Michael Dohr

To downgrade the KDTele-tools in order to use the previous event-model, simply donwload the downgrade package from:

and extract the package into a “downgrade” folder within the installation directory of the TelephonIntegration (TI) - Client component.



Figure 1: "Downgrade"-folder

Within “downgrade” you can find a batch file, that is performing the following steps:

regsvr32 /u ..\kdtele.ocx   // Unregisters the actual KDTele.ocx
ren ..\kdtele.ocx ..\kdtele_replace.ocx  // creates a backup of the actual KDTele.ocx
copy kdtele.ocx ..           //Replaces the file
regsvr32 ..\kdtele.ocx // registersthe new kdtele.ocx-file

So all you need to do, is to:

  1. Close the TI-Client
  2. Run the batch-file
  3. Restart TI

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