30. November 2011 14:07

How to change the save location of the metadata.bin file

Filed Under(CRM 2011 | DocumentsCorePack 2011) By mwilhelmer

Per default, CRM metadata information for DocumenstCorePack is stored here:


The above location equals to C:\Users\[YourUsername]\AppData\Roaming\DCP\metadata.
If you want to change this location, you have to generate a new SettingsKey.



30. November 2011 12:57

How to create a SettingsKey manually in MS Dynamics CRM 2011

Filed Under(CRM 2011 | General) By ssteinklauber

Sometimes, you may be asked to create a new settingskey for one of our products. This article outlines how to do so. 



28. November 2011 20:09

Installing GroupCalendar and ActivityTools in an IFD/Claims-Based-Environment

Filed Under(ActivityTools 2013 | CRM 2011 | ActivityTools 2011 | GroupCalendar 2011 | CRM 2013 | CRM 2015 | GroupCalendar 2013 | GroupCalendar 2015) By cternek

This blog article will walk you through the required steps on how to install GroupCalendar and ActivityTools in a claims-based environment.

This article is valid for GroupCalendar for CRM 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016 but only for CRM 2013 and older versions of ActivityToolsFrom CRM 2015 onwards ActivityTools does not have to be configured for IFD anymore!

The steps are the same for both products, so instead of an explicit product name, we will use the term the addon in this guide. 



28. November 2011 12:35

What to do if the TAPI wrapper is not working properly

Filed Under(CRM 2011 | TelephoneIntegration 2011) By pkorosec

CTI 2011 TAPI wrapper needs a TAPI driver that is suitable to your Phone PBX server.

Each PBX phone-system vendor has its own TAPI driver.

Our TAPI wrapper has not an active role on the TAPI lines, it is just a passive listener to random TAPI driver events and eventually, it triggers them in case of outgoing calls, accepting the incoming offers.


28. November 2011 12:30

Calling out from a CRM Entity by pressing the [Call Number]-button triggers no reaction

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If you outgoing calls are successful when made from CTI client, but not from the CRM entity, simply check the Internet Explorer Security Options. Please make sure that your CRM Server is included in the Trusted Sites Zone.



28. November 2011 11:44

The Entity or PhoneCall activity does not open when a call is made

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Before an entity or PhoneCall activity can be opened by an incoming/outgoing phone call, the phonenumber must be resolved.


25. November 2011 14:48

What to do when the Lync / OCS wrapper does not support outgoing calls?

Filed Under(CRM 2011 | TelephoneIntegration 2011) By pkorosec

The CTI supports only one call at the moment.

However, when transferring existing calls to a third party, it can happen that some sessions are not correctly closed. You can compare that with a broken Lync conversation.


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25. November 2011 14:36

How to open the fields.xml settings?

Filed Under(TelephoneIntegration 2011) By pkorosec

The fields.xml Settings are server-side CRM Settings.


25. November 2011 13:11

How to add information of the current user to a document?

Filed Under(CRM 2011 | DocumentsCorePack 2011) By Michael Dohr

It is quite common, that user information shows up within the document itself. (e.g. a “Best regards, firstname lastname” at the end of a quote).
This Step-By-Step tutorial describes how to add this relation to a template. In this example the Quote_base.docx template, that comes with the installation of DCP for CRM 2011, is used.

Please note: DocumentsCorePack (DCP) Client version 5.27 or higher is mandatory!



21. November 2011 10:15

Configure RecordCounter for custom n:n relations

Filed Under(CRM 2011 | RecordCounter 2011) By pofner

Please note: It is not possible to set up custom n:n-relations by using the tree view of the RecordCounter Server Config!

Instead, you have to use the Configuration Tool. To do so, click on the [Configure RecordCounter]-button to open it.



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