21. April 2011 14:10

How to install Dashboard for MS CRM 4 on MS Dynamics CRM 2011

Filed Under(CRM 2011 | Dashboard 4) By cternek

Until now we have no installation routine for our Dashboards for MS CRM 2011. This is why this blog entry describes how to upgrade/install the Dashboards in a MS CRM 2011 environment manually.

Please note: This installation will only work in an on-premise installation and will not work in IFD and Claims-Based-Authentication-Mode.



22. November 2010 11:00

How to generate custom charts in dashboards (advanced)

Filed Under(CRM 4.0 | Dashboard 4) By George


Part One: How to create the chart? 
Part Two: How to create the drill-down click?



15. October 2010 11:22

Dashboard/Silverlight Initialization Error 2104

Filed Under(CRM 4.0 | Dashboard 4) By George

Error message:
The dashboard does not open and you get the following JavaScript error in your browser:

Message: Unhandled Error in Silverlight x application
Code: 2104
Category: Initialize Error
Message: 2104 An error has occurred.


15. July 2010 12:03

Changing the Calendar Week Rule in Dashboards

Filed Under(CRM 4.0 | Dashboard 4) By George

· Open your CRM
· Go to Settings in the navigation at the left
· Select mscrm-addons settings from the navigation
· Click on the Dashboard row at the right grid and open it.  


Figure 1: mscrm-addons.com settings



2. July 2010 10:14

Licensing details

Filed Under(CRM 4.0 | Activity Tools 4 | AutoMerge 4 | Dashboard 4 | DocumentsCorePack 4 | GroupCalendar 4) By ckokely


License-checks are done each time the application is accessed by a user.

Having an invalid license stops the whole product from working.

An invalid license will never have any impact on the CRM, it only limits the addon itself.


30. June 2010 16:47

How to change the layout of dashboards

Filed Under(CRM 4.0 | Dashboard 4) By smujkic


In the dashboard, you can change your layout and create or save your own views.
In the layout menu there are 3 views:

Single View,

Vertical View and

Horizontal View.

In the course of this blog article we describe how to use and configure the different views.


27. May 2010 15:55

How to start a dashboard out of CRM 4.0?

Filed Under(CRM 4.0 | Dashboard 4) By George

CRM 4.0 offers the possibility to start your dashboard directly out of CRM. There are three options.



7. May 2010 08:33

How to configure map – charts

Filed Under(CRM 4.0 | Dashboard 4) By Michael Dohr

Dashboard for MS CRM 4.0 provides several maps (World-map, Europe, U.S., Germany, Netherlands,…) in order to e.g. display customer-distributions.
This blog contains basic information on how to configure maps. This is explained with a Step-by-Step-Setup of a Customers in the U.S.A-chart.



9. April 2010 11:45

Error message 401: Unauthorized when trying to access after deploying a custom web-application

Filed Under(CRM 4.0 | Activity Tools 4 | Dashboard 4 | DocumentsCorePack 4 | GroupCalendar 4) By Michael Dohr

The problem occurs because MS CRM is using an HttpModule for multitenancy scenarios. This http module is called with an anonymous user account. This is why it fails when trying to request, i.e. the metadata webservice.


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