15. July 2010 12:03

Changing the Calendar Week Rule in Dashboards

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· Open your CRM
· Go to Settings in the navigation at the left
· Select mscrm-addons settings from the navigation
· Click on the Dashboard row at the right grid and open it.  


Figure 1: mscrm-addons.com settings



9. July 2010 12:17

How to configure DCP FileExplorer in an IFD Environment with WebDrive

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In an IFD Environment it is hard to implement a FileShare which is available through the Internet. We found a product named WebDrive where you could configure, for example an FTP which will be mapped to a local drive.

Here is a link to the product website: http://www.southrivertech.com/products/webdrive/winindex.html


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9. July 2010 11:29

CTI in a hosted environment

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CTI does need the server component in a hosted environment as well, but you can launch the CTI Server setup from any Client, as long as you have a user with full access to CRM.

You need to select the hosted options on the Connection dialog. 



2. July 2010 10:14

Licensing details

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License-checks are done each time the application is accessed by a user.

Having an invalid license stops the whole product from working.

An invalid license will never have any impact on the CRM, it only limits the addon itself.


30. June 2010 16:47

How to change the layout of dashboards

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In the dashboard, you can change your layout and create or save your own views.
In the layout menu there are 3 views:

Single View,

Vertical View and

Horizontal View.

In the course of this blog article we describe how to use and configure the different views.


10. June 2010 15:19

How to send a “Send as PDF” e-Mail

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When you follow the guidelines in the AutoMerge Installation Guide, you’ll notice that this email is not sent automatically. To send this email, you have to create another worklow.

Please note that this only works when you have at least AutoMerge v4.65 installed


27. May 2010 16:05

GroupCalendar: Color-coding for Service Activities

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With version 4.64 you have the possibility to set up for each service activity a specific color. GroupCalendar setup will create automatically a picklist attribute on the service activity entity which is used for this feature. To activate color-coding for service activities, you have to add this attribute to the main form of the entity. The attribute is named ptm_colorcode with the display name Color and is predefined with 12 colors.



27. May 2010 15:55

How to start a dashboard out of CRM 4.0?

Filed Under(CRM 4.0 | Dashboard 4) By George

CRM 4.0 offers the possibility to start your dashboard directly out of CRM. There are three options.



10. May 2010 15:03


Filed Under(CRM 4.0 | DocumentsCorePack 4) By smujkic

This function allows DocumentsCorePack users to add a document to every created activity (only when using the file explorer or sharepoint setup).

For example, when you send a mail to a marketing lists, an activity will be created for each member of the marketing list.

This extra setting will ensure that the activity also has the document attached in CRM.

This article will show you how to work with this function. 




7. May 2010 08:33

How to configure map – charts

Filed Under(CRM 4.0 | Dashboard 4) By Michael Dohr

Dashboard for MS CRM 4.0 provides several maps (World-map, Europe, U.S., Germany, Netherlands,…) in order to e.g. display customer-distributions.
This blog contains basic information on how to configure maps. This is explained with a Step-by-Step-Setup of a Customers in the U.S.A-chart.



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