24. June 2016 14:08

How to install a license key via Web License Manager

Filed Under(ActivityTools 2015 | CRM 2015/2016 | PowerSearch 2015/2016) By akumer

This article provides you with a step-by-step description on how to install your license key with the web license manager.

The web license manager has been designed to facilitate the installation of license keys. As a consequence, it can be installed via your web browser.

This kind of web based license manager will soon apply to all our products, except for DocumentsCorePack Client. At the moment, it only applies to PowerSearch and ActivityTools.
Please note: We use our addon PowerSearch for demonstrating purposes in the below step-by-step tutorial.


4. February 2016 11:36

How to add CRM Menu Navigation Links manually

Filed Under(ActivityTools 2015 | CRM 2015 | CRM 2015/2016 | DocumentsCorePack 2015) By pofner

To successfully integrate our products with custom entity-forms, the navigation configuration has to be applied manually.

This article describes, how MS Dynamics CRM Menu Navigation Links can be added manually to DocumentsCorePack and ActivityTools.


2. February 2016 14:49

Custom Parameters for ActivityTools

Filed Under(ActivityTools 2015 | CRM 2015 | CRM 2015/2016) By pofner

This article describes how to define custom parameters for embedded ActivityTools pages (For example to pre-filter activity types).


26. January 2016 10:12

How to add custom columns to ActivityTools grids

Filed Under(ActivityTools 2015 | CRM 2015 | CRM 2015/2016) By pofner

This articles explains how you can add custom columns to ActivityTools grids for CRM 2015/2016.

Via a CRM settings key additional columns can be added to the ActivityTools grid. For each activity type and column, a separate CRM field can be displayed. The custom columns will be inserted between the subject- and date/time-column and can have column headers. This is a global setting and takes effect for all CRM users.


24. September 2015 13:17

How to add a language to ActivityTools

Filed Under(ActivityTools 2015 | CRM 2015) By Jin

This article outlines how to add a CRM language to ActivityTools.

This functionality of ActivityTools is important, if your CRM language is NOT English and/or German, but you want ActivityTools to be displayed in this other language. 


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7. July 2015 15:05

ActivityTools: Upgrade to version 2015.115 or higher

Filed Under(ActivityTools 2013 | ActivityTools 2015 | CRM 2011 | ActivityTools 2011 | CRM 2013 | CRM 2015) By Michael Dohr

Existing ActivityTools customers will need to follow the upgrade-path mentioned below in order to upgrade an existing ActivityTools installation to the latest version (2015.115 or higher).

Please follow the steps carefully to avoid complications. 



25. June 2015 15:47

How to enable debugging for ActivityTools (CRM 2015/2016)

Filed Under(ActivityTools 2015 | CRM 2015 | CRM 2015/2016) By Jin

Please note:
This article applies to ActivityTools in
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and 2015/2016 ONLY!


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