13. September 2016 15:18

CRM 2016 Online Connection Issue in US-datacenters: 13th September 2016

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Since today, 13th of September 2016, we are experiencing issues connecting to CRM Online instances located in datacenters in the United states. CRM Online customers in European, Asian Australian datacenters are not affected as of now.

NOTE: This is not mscrm-addons.com issue. Every 3rd party-solution using CRM SDK version lower than v 8.1 is affected.

This happened very unexpectedly and we are working hard to find a fix for this asap. A Workaround is currently deployed to the US instances. 

UPDTATE: Microsfot fixed the issue and everything was back to normal around Noon eastern time. 

We are very sorry for this service interruption!

Best, mscrm-addons.com Support Team


28. August 2015 08:28

HowTo: Use DocuSign with DocumentsCorePack for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Filed Under(CRM 2015 | DocumentsCorePack 2015) By Michael Dohr

See how DocumentsCorePack enables your users to generate documents and trigger a DocuSign process straight out of CRM.

Example: NDA to be sent & signed to an account and afterwards counter-signed by the owner of the account.


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7. July 2015 15:05

ActivityTools: Upgrade to version 2015.115 or higher

Filed Under(ActivityTools 2013 | ActivityTools 2015 | CRM 2011 | ActivityTools 2011 | CRM 2013 | CRM 2015) By Michael Dohr

Existing ActivityTools customers will need to follow the upgrade-path mentioned below in order to upgrade an existing ActivityTools installation to the latest version (2015.115 or higher).

Please follow the steps carefully to avoid complications. 



27. November 2014 08:39

How to upgrade to MS CRM 2015

Filed Under(CRM 2015 | General) By Michael Dohr

This article provides a step-by-step upgrade path of our solutions to the new MS CRM 2015 release!


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28. November 2012 07:25

If/else-conditions in *.docx templates

Filed Under(CRM 2011 | DocumentsCorePack 2011 | CRM 4.0 | DocumentsCorePack 4) By Michael Dohr

It is often required to place conditional fields within a template like e.g. only print address lines when stored in the regarding CRM-record.



25. November 2011 13:11

How to add information of the current user to a document?

Filed Under(CRM 2011 | DocumentsCorePack 2011) By Michael Dohr

It is quite common, that user information shows up within the document itself. (e.g. a “Best regards, firstname lastname” at the end of a quote).
This Step-By-Step tutorial describes how to add this relation to a template. In this example the Quote_base.docx template, that comes with the installation of DCP for CRM 2011, is used.

Please note: DocumentsCorePack (DCP) Client version 5.27 or higher is mandatory!



6. September 2011 16:29

Activate per User licensing

Filed Under(General) By Michael Dohr

When using per User licensing, it is mandatory to enable all users that should be licensed within CRM. It often occurs, that after installing the license via the License Manager, the below screen appears:















Figure 1: License Manager - Preview License

This is due to the fact, that the user (usually an admin), who is running the license-manager is not a licensed user at this point.

To enable this, specific users you will have to follow the below steps. 



5. September 2011 15:38

Information on Security roles: Which roles are needed for which solution?

Filed Under(General) By Michael Dohr

This article explains the security roles that must be assigned to users that should be allowed to use our Add-Ons.  



1. September 2011 09:48

Office Open XML: Part4 – How to embed pictures

Filed Under(CRM 2011 | DocumentsCorePack 2011) By Michael Dohr

This is the 4th part of our video series regarding the Office Open XML-format that is provided in DocumentsCorePack for CRM 2011. The template used in this video is the one that has been created in our previous tutorials of this series, so it is recommended to take a look into Part 1 – Creating a template and Part 2- Resolve Relationships first to get more information about the template's structure.



30. June 2011 10:33

Office Open XML: Part3 – How to group line items

Filed Under(CRM 2011 | DocumentsCorePack 2011) By Michael Dohr

This is the third part of the series regarding the Office Open XML-format. This video is based on the the results from Part 1 Creating a template, so I recommend to take a look into this demovideo first.



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