26. April 2012 12:06

How to add NavBar entries manually

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On some occasions, unmanaged customizations to forms might prevent the setup to correctly configure the navbar section of entities.

You would see an error similar to this one, telling about a transition of an unmanaged solution being impossible. 

Figure 1: Error message (unmanaged solution)


18. January 2012 11:56

Disable ribbon buttons for non-licensed users

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Starting with version 5.23 / TI and version 5.19 / DCP in combination with LicenseManager 5.2, the ribbon buttons will be disabled on perUser licensing, if the user is having the acccess flag for the product set to no.

Licensemanager 5.2 creates a new setting, IsPerUserLicense with value true|false when importing a licensekey.



12. September 2011 14:33

WindowsXP and WIF (WindowsIdentityFoundation)

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!! Please note: This only applies to CTI Versions 5.30 and below !! 
!! Since Microsoft has changed the EULA of their WIF SDK we are now allowed to include all required files into our setups !!

All of our client products (Telephone Integration and DocumentsCorePack Client) need the WindowsIdentityFoundation Framework to be able to connect to CRM 2011.

Unfortunately the WIF Framework is not officially supported on WindowsXP by Microsoft, but there are 2 ways to make this work on a WindowsXP OS. 



18. July 2011 11:24

How to install DocumensCorePack Client unattended

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To install DocumentsCorePack Client for MS CRM 2011/2013/2015/2016 unattended, you need to supply a registry file with the required registry settings.

Unattended install is available for DocumentsCorePack Client Version 5.18 and Version 6.5 or above.

Below, you can download templates to perform the unattended install.

The below files are set up for x86 and x64 systems.



30. May 2011 09:47

Connection dialog retrieves organizations, but refuses to connect

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Check the log textbox if the following statement is present (might be accomodated by a 401 exception).



29. May 2011 08:28

Service Unavailable after error in upgrade process

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Receiving a service unavailable response on a website usually indicates, that the application pool of the site is not running.

To solve this issue, open your InternetInformation Management and verify all required app pools are started.


1. May 2011 09:49

Access rights issues while starting configuration

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On a migrated organization, make sure the dcp/gc/ti security role migrated from CRM 4 is deleted.

This migrated role might interfere with the new setup and block the user from installing, because rights are checked wrongly.

That’s it! We appreciate your feedback! Please share your thoughts by sending an email to support@mscrm-addons.com.


22. February 2011 11:54

How to configurate unmanaged custom entities

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To successfully integrate our products with custom entities, these custom entites either have to be part of a managed solution or the navigation configuration has to be applied manually.



5. October 2010 16:41

How to change language settings

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Location of the Language Settings on the Client & Server

The name of the Language XML File is: <TwoLetterISOLanguageCode>.XML


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31. August 2010 08:24

Outlook 2010 & Ajax, failing axd calls

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Outlook 2010 is having some severe problems with Ajax based functions. Being a reported error with Microsoft, there is still no fix available, but a workaroud.


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