4. February 2015 14:34

TelephoneIntegration Server - do not use Integrated Security

Filed Under(CRM 2013 | CRM 2015 | TelephoneIntegration 2013 | TelephoneIntegration 2015) By Frank Haas

It is not recommended to use Integrated Security for Telephone Integration.


8. October 2014 10:20

How to set partial document editing restriction in templates

Filed Under(CRM 2011 | DocumentsCorePack 2011 | CRM 2013 | CRM 4.0 | DocumentsCorePack 4 | DocumentsCorePack 2013) By Jin

This blog article outlines how to use the MS Word Restrict Editing-functionality. It supports restricted editing for the whole document, as well as editing specific paragraphs of the document only. Please note: The functionality works with merged documents as well.


Requirements: DocumentsCorePack for MS CRM


30. November 2011 15:46

DocumentsCorePack template security settings

Filed Under(CRM 2011 | DocumentsCorePack 2011) By mwilhelmer

In CRM 2011, all DocumentsCorePack templates are stored in custom entities.
The name of this custom entity is DocumentsCorePack Template (ptm_mscrmaddons_dcptemplates).
Every record of this entity has the template attached as a note.


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