22. November 2010 11:00

How to generate custom charts in dashboards (advanced)

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Part One: How to create the chart? 
Part Two: How to create the drill-down click?



15. October 2010 11:22

Dashboard/Silverlight Initialization Error 2104

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Error message:
The dashboard does not open and you get the following JavaScript error in your browser:

Message: Unhandled Error in Silverlight x application
Code: 2104
Category: Initialize Error
Message: 2104 An error has occurred.


5. October 2010 09:52

Dashboard Application Error (German)

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Message: Unbehandelter Fehler in Silverlight 3-Anwendung

Code: 2104   

Kategorie: InitializeError      

Meldung: 2104 An error has occurred.   

Sobald diese Meldung erscheint, bitte die MIME Einträge am Server (IIS) überprüfen!

MIME Einträge

Das war's auch schon! Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Rückmeldung! Schicken Sie diese bitte gerne per eMail an support@mscrm-addons.com.

15. July 2010 12:03

Changing the Calendar Week Rule in Dashboards

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· Open your CRM
· Go to Settings in the navigation at the left
· Select mscrm-addons settings from the navigation
· Click on the Dashboard row at the right grid and open it.  


Figure 1: mscrm-addons.com settings



27. May 2010 15:55

How to start a dashboard out of CRM 4.0?

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CRM 4.0 offers the possibility to start your dashboard directly out of CRM. There are three options.



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