27. July 2015 14:23

How to get the right TAPI driver

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The TAPI driver is a component beyond our control, as it is provided by the phone vendor and, similar to a device driver, the TAPI driver connects a physical phone device with a windows operating system.


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25. February 2013 15:30

TI client interprets outgoing calls as incoming calls

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When dialling out with TI Client, an outgoing call may be interpreted as an incoming call. This happens, if the the installed TAPI driver does not deliver the DialTone event.
If the TAPI driver delivers the DialTone event, the driver interprets the call as an outgoing call. Otherwise, the driver interprets the call as an incoming call. In order to avoid the latter case, you have to set a new CRM settingskey for TelephoneIntegration.


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