20. April 2012 09:00

How to enable debugging for the RecordCounter

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Please note 

This article only applies to the RecordCounter in Microssoft Dynamics CRM 2011. 



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25. January 2012 16:14

How to enable debugging - Overview

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Please select the product and CRM version form the table below and follow the link to get redirected to a description of how to debug.

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30. December 2011 12:25

RecordCounter - Plugin Registration Error

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If the error message Plugin registration error of PTM Plugins! appears after the installation of RecordCounter, it means that the plugin wasn’t updated successfully. To solve this problem, please follow the instructions of this article.


21. November 2011 09:44

Configure RecordCounter for unmanaged custom entities

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To successfully enable RecordCounter (RC) for unmanaged entities, please follow these instructions:

First, enable RC for the custom entity. Simply check the checkbox in the tree view of the RecordCounter Server Config.

Then open CRM, navigate to Settings and click on Customizations.


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5. October 2010 16:41

How to change language settings

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Location of the Language Settings on the Client & Server

The name of the Language XML File is: <TwoLetterISOLanguageCode>.XML


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