28. September 2016 13:58

How to uninstall our solutions from CRM

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No matter, if you install our solutions manually in Microsoft Dynamics CRM or if you install our solutions via AppSource, please follow the steps below to uninstall our products.


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23. June 2016 16:41

How to install a license key - Overview

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A valid license key is the key to a smoothly running mscrm-addons.com product. Having an invalid license stops the whole product from working. An invalid license will never have any impact on your CRM, it only limits the addon itself.


23. May 2016 10:53

Requirements for a new license

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To facilitate and to speed up the issuing process of a new license, we kindly ask you to
send us a short e-Mail including answers to the following questions.


7. April 2016 11:38

Error Message: Solution AutoMergeGlobalButtonTmp failed to import

Filed Under(AutoMerge 2013 | CRM 2011 | AutoMerge 2011 | CRM 2013 | CRM 2015/2016 | DocumentsCorePack 2013 | DocumentsCorePack 2015) By aweiss

The error message Solution AutoMergeGlobalButtonTmp Failed To Import

indicates, that the user who is running the current setup process has no rights to access the solution files.


27. November 2014 08:39

How to upgrade to MS CRM 2015

Filed Under(CRM 2015 | General) By Michael Dohr

This article provides a step-by-step upgrade path of our solutions to the new MS CRM 2015 release!


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26. June 2014 16:22

Certificate Changes in an IFD environment

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This blog article explains what to do if one of the certificates has changed in the IFD environment. If so, our products require additional steps in order to work again.


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25. April 2014 10:41

Where to find the Settingskeys for mscrm-addons.com products?

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This article outlines where to find the Settingskeys for our products in MS CRM 2013/2015.


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10. April 2014 14:42

How to use the lead qualifier plugin

Filed Under(CRM 2013 | General) By Jin

The Lead Qualifier Plugin is a small solution that changes the process of creating a contact and account from the information within a lead. The main difference to the out-of-the-box-solution for this scenario within CRM 2013 is that no opportunity is automatically created within the process. 

This allows CRM users to qualify a new lead at any time during the CRM working process. Moreover, the plugin allows the association of the lead to already existing contacts or accounts in addition to creating new entities of said types, which saves time and avoids duplicates. 


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7. April 2014 11:32

Field formatting options

Filed Under(CRM 2011 | AutoMerge 2011 | DocumentsCorePack 2011) By Jin

This article outlines different options to format fields inside a DocumentsCorePack or AutoMerge template. e.g.: Formatting date fields, format money-fields etc.

Requirements: DocumentsCorePack for MS CRM 2011 and 2013, AutoMerge for MS CRM 2011


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2. April 2014 14:34

Macros in DocumentsCorePack and AutoMerge templates

Filed Under(CRM 2011 | DocumentsCorePack 2011 | CRM 2013 | DocumentsCorePack 2013) By Jin

This article outlines how to run a macro

Requirments: DocumentsCorePack v4.20 and higher, WordMailMerge v2.80 and higher


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