18. August 2016 12:47

How to add custom fonts to MS Word templates

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Most of the time, the regular Microsoft Word fonts are sufficient when it comes to the creation of new templates. However, sometimes it can be necessary to add a custom font. There are two possible ways to add a font.


16. August 2016 16:16

How to use aggregation properly when creating templates

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Aggregated fetches are a useful functionality when you create templates. Please click here to get an overview on aggregation in DocumentsCorePack.  This article provides you with a step-by-step tutorial on how to work properly with aggregation.



16. August 2016 15:16

Aggregation in DocumentsCorePack – an overview

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This article outlines the basics of aggregation, a functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, that we have integrated in our Template Designer.



8. August 2016 13:52

How to share PowerSearch Config records

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Once you have created some nice PowerSearch Config records, you may want other users or teams to work with them.

To enable others to work with your Config, it is crucial to share your records. Before you haven’t shared them, the Config records will not be visible for others.



2. August 2016 10:13

How to uninstall PowerSearch (Silverlight)

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Since PowerSearch (Silverlight) 2015.102 is the last version of its kind, many users switch to the new version of PowerSearch. Though this does not require the deinstallation of PowerSearch (Silverlight), some users might wish to do so anyway.

However, it is very easy to uninstall PowerSearch (Silverlight), even if PowerSearch is already installed. Please follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how it works. 


6. July 2016 12:49

Welcome Microsoft AppSource with us!

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With AppSource, Microsoft introduces an innovative marketplace featuring intuitive design!
… and we are proud to be "on-board" from the very start!

Figure 1: Microsoft AppSource start page


30. June 2016 15:56

How to install your license key

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Thank you for using our mscrm-addon!

The following overview was created to support you when it comes to install a license key.
There are many reasons why a license key has to be installed, but there are only three main possibilities how to install your license key. They depend on the addon you would like to install:

Option 1 – Install the license key via the On Premise License Manager

Option 2 – Install the license key via the “Web License Manager”

Option 3 – Our support team installs the license key for you.

The following table contains all our products and license key installation options.
Please click on the “x” that matches your product. You will be provided with further information on how to install the license key properly.


Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
DocumentsCorePack Server Based x    
            - On Premise/IFD x    
            - Online     x
DocumentsCorePack Client x    
AttachmentExtractor x    
ActivityTools   x  
TelephoneIntegration x    
GroupCalendar x    
             - Online (Subscription)     x
SmartBar x    
PowerSearch   x  
PowerSearch (Silverlight) x    

(Blog still being reviewed)

That’s it! We appreciate your feedback about our feature and your MS Dynamics CRM 2016 user experience! Please share your thoughts by sending an email to

28. June 2016 16:47

We support the stars of tomorrow!

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… and that does not only apply to our customers!

Since soccer is THE sports that is deeply rooted in the European culture, it shouldn’t surprise anyone, that the UEFA European Football Championship 2016 is an event, the atmosphere of which nobody (at least men Winking smile ) can escape from.
Reason enough for us to build up our own stars for the UEFA Championship! (well, at some point in the future).


24. June 2016 14:08

How to install a license key via “Web License Manager”

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This article provides you with a step-by-step description on how to install your license key with the “web license manager”.

The “web license manager” has been designed to facilitate the installation of license keys. As a consequence, be installed via your web browser.

This kind of “web based license manager” will soon apply to all our products, except for DocumentsCorePack Client. At the moment, it only applies to PowerSearch and ActivityTools. We use our addon PowerSearch for demonstrating purposes in the step-by-step tutorial below.


23. June 2016 16:41

How to install a license key - Overview

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A valid license key is the key to a smoothly running mscrm-addons.com product. Having an invalid license stops the whole product from working. An invalid license will never have any impact on your CRM, it only limits the addon itself.

Reasons for an invalid license:

  • Wrong license Organization Unit
  • Usercount has execeeded the granted licenses
    (Stops whole product, not only for the excessive users on all license models)
  • Upgrading the product after having the support contract expired
  • Trial license has expired
  • License was created for a different CRM version

If your license has expired because of one of the above reasons, you must renew it. This can be done by installing a new license key.
This article provides you with an overview of the 3 main ways to install a new license key to your product.


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